Friday, June 20, 2014

One Day Event


"One day for S.L.C. Students [2071]" ..One day event.

1.  About Event Organizer

Tyro International has been established by four fellow workers of different professions combining together to share the knowledge and ideas under one roof which provides services to the people in a better way and with better discipline of conduct. It is a multi-purpose company, where the associated trainers employ and gets space to perform their skills that they possess with all the required resources. We have been conducting effective training on different fields where some job opportunities are created as well. We have been trying to decline the rate of unemployed in some way or the other by creating job opportunities on fields such as" On-line Jobs (Google Ad Sense and Dollar Earning Course), Call Center  and Wheat Straw Art etc.. The trainings are conducted in a healthy and friendly environment. Tyro International Pvt. Ltd assures the indulgence of distinguishes teaching method to make the training more effective in a proper way. We have also started E-Teaching service for far away students.
Tyro International is also training institution where different educational activities are carried out. Tyro has been established with an objective to provide employment to the people without any of their investments on different fields. It has also been successful in providing Student Visa for different countries with the coordination of well known consultancies.
2.   About Event:
In this uncertain run of life, looking for a certain future, the S.L.C. passed students gets a platform at   "1 Day for S.L.C. Students 2071" to gain some ideas and knowledge for their further studies through this event. It is held along with the participation of some finest colleges and emphasize on to be a guideline to the students which could help them choose a better career for themselves. These four hours of event is to honor the S.L.C. (70/71) toppers appearing from different schools securing more than 85 % of marks with a Token of Love each and certificates as well. It also include different segments like Career Counseling, different faculties description and their scopes in and out of Nepal, Stand-up Comedy, a Play, and and live music and discussion on various topics.

This event also facilitates the participating students to get a chance of taking a scholarship exam in the colleges participating in the event that provides full or partial scholarship according to the term and condition of the respective colleges.

 3.  Specific Objectives

  •  To establish a platform for the S.L.C passed students to help them choose a suitable faculty and at a better college with or without scholarship.
  • To honor the finest students present on the event.
  • Social Awareness.
  • General Awareness on the effects and precautions of global warming.
  •   Entertainment.
  •  A day to cherish.
4.   Program Approach
This event is set up to be an assistive platform and can be said as a “Productive Day” for the students as it possess many segments that are helpful for each and every participating students. It also includes scholarship opportunity for the students for their higher level studies.  In order to make it enthralling, the well known personalities of Nepal are invited to personify themselves in the event with their experiences, ideas and knowledge in a encouraging and motivating way to the students appearing in the event.

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